Our holidays

During our holidays, we created a blog to tell you ous holidays in Australia the best of our activities we have ever did.We are going at 4 -Basile




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18 mars 2018

The Great Ocean road

The second day we have let a car for discover the popular "The Great Ocean Road". We are gone from Torquay . The paysage is very beautiful. We drive for two hours when we have seer " 12 Apostles". This is a 12 big roc in the Ocean. A around à hundred people seen this roc. We taken the road and drive for 243 km. We stoped t Warnambool and gone to eat.

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12 mars 2018

The Kangourous And Wallabies




The name kangaroo indicates one of the members of four bigger alive species.

We find them, in the wild state, exclusively in Australia.


We call wallaby any macropode which is considered as enough not were tall to be a member of kangarooes in the strict sense or which did not receive another name.

He can indeed support relatively low temperatures.


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the opera house

 are going to the opera house in sidney

the opera house is a building were the roof is curved

it is a opera he is created in 1957 he is open in 1973

it's the most beautiful build I have ever seen

what beautiful spot


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26 février 2018

We have met Angus Young!!!

We have met Angus Young, the guitarist of AC/DC in a bar ! 

We asked him some questions: " Have you ever broken a guitar during a concert ?

                                               -No never, I love my guitar, it is the most beautiful guitar I have never seen 

                                                 and I shall never break her.  

                                                -How long did you played guitar ?

                                                -I’ve played guitar since 1966, I have begun guitar at 11 years old.

                                                -Why the name of AC/DC?

                                               - We have chosen "AC/DC" when we were playing guitar in the garage and I 

                                                  saw AC/DC written on the vacuum cleaner, I was cool so our group´name is  



It was very funny and interesting! Look the pictures 📸😜


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